Doshaburi Canopy

by Thieves & Gentlemen

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Doshaburi Canopy:
We look around through refracted windows and make guesses about how much time has passed, how long stars take to die, where life began and argue the absolute with numbers, representations of something we beg to understand, to conquer. The theory is circles along the line.

Google the best religion. Atheism isn't omission.
You'll probably find the top archeologists on reddit.
I used to think about these things, but then I started to forget what the world thinks. Don't concern yourself with the world.
Not earth. The world.

Doshaburi Canopy, literally, Cloudburst Canopy. This is a collection of water over a year raining out.


released June 18, 2015

Israel: Most everything

Iscah Warner: Vocals - Medicine Guts, Pleasurism, Questions Air Conditioning.

Benjamin Cook: Vocals - Pleasurism.

Album Art: Benjamin Cook



all rights reserved


Thieves & Gentlemen Asheville, North Carolina

Israel Haigler.

I just want you to think.

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Track Name: Passionately Alone Lanterns
lighthouse in the trees.
sends out our speech.
shedding adequate answers to childhood questions.
Speak into the microphone. Tell them everything you want.
Ask them for more champagne. It's your birthday,
you telegraph to your parents daily, asking them for vision and money.
they always reply with maybe, and with postcards of tsunamis.
Modern War, Queue us up now.
Such a chore, getting up.

Children of the gun and save her.
Children of the God and Savior.
Children of the con and sayer.
Children of the gone and sailor.

Lighthouse family, waits there sleeping.
Lanterns go out, waited sweetly.

I know how passionate you are about being alone, when you pray into the phone.
Track Name: Halogen Love Life
Halogen love life. How it must be nice to be granted asylum from these airwaves. Aren't we just temples breaking?
Track Name: Medicine Guts
How many rooms must I walk in and you're staring at the painting you placed on the floor, the one with the woman and her daughters doing chores, specifically. The woman just looks so sad looking up at the escape ladder dad, and the daughter making love to the postcard taped to the outside of her window. They're yelling in a heavy brush tone, dripping for a percocet sunset on some vitamin D thick beach , yelling as if they could immediately fall asleep, they never stop saying something like,
"nothing ever satisfies"

Ew, caked in a golden dust,
ew, shaved down to the touch.
She's asking way too much.
Caving in to what you thought was...
Medicine guts.
Medicine guts tearing us all apart.
Track Name: Questions Air Conditioning-Sucking at Cigarette
Are you coping? with the new atmosphere and the lack of oxygen seems to have you breathing more.
Worry not, we have workers on the case, and a forest-fire faith of experience.

The corporate sunset spreads itself thin (oh my). So brace for a mild survey.

"Are you happy?," questions Air-conditioning.

Sucking at the cigarette heart has been medically proven to keep a spirit spirited granted you must purchase lifetime supplies of obsessed with..

The material required to keep from expiring. Entering the fire to get out of the cold.
Eating myself because I ran out of food. Medicating myself due to this bad mood.
(Your lungs have hope with a lot more oxygen.
Take a real bath or choose the stock option.)
'cause one man's soap is another man's coffin.
'cause one man's breath is another man's coughing.

The knowledge of everything is just a clatter of plastic away from fingers today,

Nothing is enlightening to skepticism, God-believing atheists, if only your ears were a careful fist.
Track Name: Inexperienced Photographs
Es como el dinero espiritual.
la forma en que se fotografía a la leche y la miel.
un rostro, alguna piel.
suelte las encantadoras verdades feas

Your heartbeat is God blowing into a tissue.
Your heartbeat is the wind kissing a falling leaf.
Your heartbeat is just atoms convulsing.
Track Name: Strange Crowds & Crumpled Reflection
You're the crumpled reflection of streetlights on my window
the silent film of night terrors stretched across your face.
soft light rivers down your willowed hair veins.
Thistles growing around your thighs form a terroir.
clutching your skin, you break into a lovely floral asthma
Then you catch flame,
surrounded by light
your crumpled reflection
becomes alive.

What a false sunrise of carlights smoothing out the horizon,
warship salesmen on their way to sell you armageddon
the lamps burning orange eyesight into my soft retinas
I see you caught in their flag, in their wading efflorescence.

We're hoping you break,
We're hoping you sink,
Hands of sulfur coat your mouth,
You better not sing.
In comes the choke
goosebumps on your throat
the pain in your naval
enables you to sing.

Then you catch flame,
surrounded by light
your crumpled reflection
Tear through the veil
of ghost and disguise
your body's expression
deafening howl.

The clouds are coming to see you away
Cameras corroding their face
You're crawling through furnace now,
You're falling through the surface now,
Strange clouds are gathering
Leaking from the battery
Their eyes' reflections pixelize

Dancing to the thoughts of the world tonight
Apocalypse slowly drips smoke into my eyes.
Plea through the cement softly crippled me
Anything, anything. Or the mouth open sea.

What a gust of wind, copy the words then
What a gust of wind, not even words then